Electronic components and systems in Europe

The future impact of ENIAC and ARTEMIS

This study investigates the opportunities to improve the effectiveness and impact of European industry driven public-private collaboration research and innovation initiatives in the field of electronic components and systems: ENIAC (nano-electronics) and Artemis (embedded systems) JTIs and the possible inclusion of the EPoSS ETP smart systems part. These initiatives are all seen as essential for the development of a key enabling industry sector in Europe. And the initiatives will be influenced by the new European research and innovation strategies under Horizon 2020.

Because of overlaps in industry and research organisation's membership of the initiatives, the interdependencies in the industrial value chain which they serve and other more operational factors, the Commission proposes the potential joining of Artemis and ENIAC in its 2011 proposal for a Council Decision on Horizon 2020. The more specific objective of this study is therefore to deliver insights on the impact of a potential new JTI resulting from the merging of the two existing JTIs (ENIAC and Artemis) and their respective strategic research agendas, as well as the possible inclusion of the smart systems strand of the EPoSS ETP. The outcomes of the study provide support to the preparation of the Commission's proposal on setting up this potential new merged JTI, its governance and financial rules of operation.

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