eutema CEO Joins Forces with Land Salzburg to Develop ‘Together into a Digital Future’, a Digital Transformation Strategy for Salzburg’s Museums (German language press release)

eutema CEO Co-authors Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society AI and Content Moderation Research Sprint Policy Brief ‘Freedom of Expression in the Digital Public Sphere’

Austrian Consulting Company eutema Announces the Launch of the Spin-Off ‘Eutema Research Services’ (Article in German)

Pushing Into the Digital Future With the Corona Crisis (Article in German)


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Digital Humanism: Informatics in Times of COVID-19
Yehuda Elkana Fellowship Workshop
EPIC: International AI Strategies – EU & Australia
Digital Humanism: Freedom of Expression in the Digital Public Sphere
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FETFX Project: Communication Recommendations for Policymakers
Future Tech Week 2020: Global Systems Science – Shaping Europe’s Future
Future Tech Week 2020: Opening Event – Nobel Laureate Edvard I. Moser from FET GRIDMAP
ISPIM Firenze: AI for Innovation in Austria
Digital Humanism: The New EU Proposal for AI Regulation
Salzburg Media Summit 2021: Creative Industries & Digitization
FETFX: Signals from the Future – New Tools for Communicating: New Approaches & Mechanisms for Communicating About Future & Emerging Technologies
STS Conference Graz 2021: Epistemic Power Shifts Created in Behavioral Predictions of Online Platforms
Future Tech Week 2020: A Female Perspective on Robotics & IT
Future Tech Week 2020: Advanced Laser Processing Strategies
EPIC: Europe’s New DSM & Data Rules
Automation Region: Innovating your Business with AI
EPIC Project EU: Security & Privacy – the Role of Artificial Intelligence
FETFX: Signals from the Future – The Mis-portrayal of AI in the Media: What to do About it? Researchers & Journalists Weigh in
Future Tech Week 2020: HarveStore’s Federico Baiutti on Harnessing Heat & Light to Sustainably Power the IoT of the Future
Future Tech Week 2020: Finding New Ways to Protect Endangered Species & the Environment by Integrating AI-based Robotic Animals
Future Tech Week 2020: A Giant Leap to More Precise Time Measurement: Thorsten Schumm on Building a Nuclear Clock as Part of the FET Project NuClock