Since 2001 eutema has focused on strategic technology management and advancement by supporting its clients in analysing complex technologies, developing strategies and measures and guiding their realization and evaluation. We can offer some 20 years of topical experience to clients from a variety of backgrounds.

Our service offerings include:

  • Research and Innovation Strategies (Design, Implementation, Evaluation)
  • Research, Technology and Innovation Policies (Design and Evaluation)
  • Technology Studies (ICT, Artificial Intelligence and other areas)
  • Road-mapping and Scenario Development (Research, Innovation, Policy)
  • Project Planning, Management and Evaluation
  • Dissemination and Exploitation

Research and Innovation Strategies (Design, Implementation, Evaluation)

Strategic approaches to research and development are still not seen as normal business. Challenging immediate problems often obstruct to see the long-term perspective. eutema follows a systematic and participative strategy development approach, designed in close interaction with the stake holders. At the same time, we emphasize a sound analysis of the initial situation and the development of clear and verifiable strategic objectives.

The development of R&D strategies is no longer an activity of large companies and ministries only. More and more often, we support small and medium sized companies and research institutes, faculties and universities in the development of their research strategies. This includes the drafting of strategy and development plans but also the definition of strategic research agendas.

Recent Projects


eutema coordinated the European-Pacific Partnership for ICT Collaboration in research, development and innovation (‘EPIC’), a Horizon 2020-funded initiative which aimed to strengthen ties between Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe.


eutema is a partner in the Horizon 2020 funded FETFX consortium. The aim is to promote Futre and Emerging Technology research and stimulate debate among a wide range of actors, through a dedicated community building and multi-stakeholder engagement actions.


eutema coordinated the Horizon 2020 funded Future Emerging Art and Technology (FEAT) activity, which was formed around extended understanding of emerging technologies, not just from established techno-scientific positions, but also from societal, public, creative and critical perspectives.


eutema was a partner in Doing It Together Science (“DITOs”), which organised some 500 innovative events across Europe focusing on the active involvement of citizens in Citizen Science. In DITOS, universities and research institutions worked together with science galleries, museums and art institutions to engage people with citizen science in Europe.